Moving Boxes


all the supplies you need to help make your move easier!

Book Box
Convenient boxes for small, heavy items. Price: $1.25

Small Box
Easy-to-lift boxes for heavy items. Now with handles! As low as: $1.43

Medium Box
Our most versatile boxes. As low as: $2.07

Large Box
Ideal boxes for lightweight items. As low as: $2.56

Extra Large Box
Boxes for large, lightweight bulky items. As low as: $3.25

Colored Gift Boxes
Ship your holiday gifts or box up that special item. Price: $2.95

Poster Tube
Safely ship, move, or store your posters, paintings and even fishing gear. Price: $2.95

Sport Utility Box
Sport utility box. 15"x 15"x 48" Price: $5.95.

Mirror / Picture boxes
Mirror box - 37" x 4" x 27" Price: $4.25

Large Mirror Box
Large mirror box - 48" x 4" x 33" Price: $6.45

Four Piece Picture/Mirror Box
Customizable box to accommodate all of your framed picture needs. Price: $7.95

Picture Shipper
This convenient all-in-one kit will help you ship and move your favorite artwork. Price: $59.99

Shorty Wardrobe® Box
Shorty Wardrobe® box is a compact, stackable wardrobe box. Price: $7.95

Grand Wardrobe Box
Recommended for the packing and storage of clothing. Includes hanging bar. Price: $11.95

Space Saver Wardrobe Box
Perfect for clothing on hangers, dining room chairs, sporting equipment and more. Price: $9.95

Laydown Wardrobe Box
Laydown Wardrobe Box 36"x 21"x 10" Price: $6.25

Glass Pack Kit
Ideal for glassware, crystal, stemware and porcelain figurines. Price: $10.20

Dish Saver Kit
Ideal for dishes including large plates, saucers, salad plates and bowls. Price: $10.20

Dishsaver Glass Pack Box
Ideal for fragile items such as fine china, antiques, stemware, porcelain figurines. Price: $4.00

Dish Barrel Box
Specifically designed with double-walled extra protection for china, antiques or fragile items. Price: $5.45

Cell Kit
Designed to isolate and protect fragile items. Price: $5.95

Wine Shipping Kits
Safely ship wine or champagne bottles. Starting at: $6.95

Flat Screen TV
Moving Kits ideal for moving or storing a flat screen television. Starting at: $89.95

19" TV/Microwave Box
Specifically designed for televisions, microwaves or stereo components. Price: $7.15

27" TV/Microwave Box
Ideal for moving a television, microwave or computer monitor. Price: $9.75

Electronics Box
Designed for CD players, DVD players, VCR's, speakers, and computers. Price: $5.30

Lamp Box
Ideal for moving oddly shaped items such as lamps, golf clubs or telescopes. Price: $4.95

Letter Tote Box
One box will hold up to one file drawer of letter size folders. Price: $3.75

Legal Tote Box
One box will hold up to one file drawer of legal size folders. Price: $4.35

File Box
Designed to hold both letter or legal size folders. Price: $3.00